Our firm has started the food production after established in Adana in 1978. It has covered a lot of ground in a short time by adding Turkish delight, cezerye types, turnip, lemon sauce, hazelnut cream, concentrated fruit juices and rock candy to its range of products with joint and successful efforts of company owner’s brothers while making production of only tahini, halvah and jam during the formative years and also it has managed to become one of the leading company in the sector.

Our firm aiming to offer more services to domestic and foreign markets by creating franchising points mainly in Central Anatolia and Mediterranean regionsprovides service with a factory and three sales points at present. Our vision, as a business, is to produce higher quality products with the advancing technology each passing day and to offer new flavors by further expanding its service network.
Our mission is to keep the customer satisfaction at the maximum level by making TATŞEN gida a leading brand in the industry.

Our firm increasing production capacity each passing day has primarily received the Food Registration Certificate and Food Production Permit Certificates from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and have quarter century-experience approved with ISO 9001 and HACCP Quality Certificates and Halal Food Certification and has proven that it is the first and only organization of South in this sector with its own 60 employees.

TATSENGIDA SAN. URT. PAZ. LTD. STI. which is known with the principle of ‘Our Brand Name is the Taste of your Palate’is taking firm steps forward to better and more beautiful with you.



ŞENBAĞ was founded by TATŞEN GIDA LTD.ŞTİ (TATŞEN FOOD LTD.CO) with the idea of Alternative Market in 2005 and started to production. Our company which is planned to restricted production varieties has a superior level among the precedent market. ŞENBAĞ has managed to be numbered among the Brands in this field by expanding its product range with the common and successful works of Şengül brothers. By giving dealership along Turkey, our company aims to serve better for internal and external market. Now, it serves its products to you by its factories and sales stores.

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